Jim French, Founder & President

I have lived in Franklin my entire life, and I believe it is a special place.  During the summer of 2018, Mrs. Marie White, a 5th grade teacher in the Franklin Special School District, offered me the opportunity to volunteer in the Gentry’s Summer Reading Program at Freedom Intermediate School.  I was excited about giving back to my community and helping her and the children in the program.

During my first week with Mrs. White, I learned that the students and teachers at Freedom Intermediate School would greatly benefit from supplemental recess equipment. The school district provides each teacher a modest, annual stipend to cover the cost of purchasing supplies and materials, including recess equipment, for the students in each class.  Teachers like Mrs. White frequently spend in excess of their yearly stipend from their personal savings to provide quality classroom materials for their students. Buying new soccer balls, basketballs, kickballs, etc. and replacing lost or worn out equipment represents a significant cost and burden on the teachers.  In addition, students should not have to bring their own balls to school and risk loss or damage.

I wanted to find a better way to provide the necessary recess equipment and decrease the financial burden on teachers, who already do so much for their students.  It is important for students to have this equipment because it encourages them to be social and active, crucial components of their development.

Resources 4 Recess is the result of my desire to help the teachers and students in our community, and I hope that you will consider contributing to this cause.  All donations will go towards the purchase and distribution of recess equipment to teachers and students.